Developed software and services.
The Gemaltic platform is a product of GBTI S.A. allowing direct security control over the network infrastructure. Its main task is a dynamic inventory, audit and security supervision. In business terms, it brings together the functions of various NAC/NIDS/VA solutions into one device, which saves costs and time associated with implementation and possible integration problems. Using advanced algorithms of active and passive processes, Gemaltic is a great solution for people who appreciate exemplary security without the need for large financial outlays. It is perfect for both small and large companies.
Virushee is a hybrid solution that integrates heuristic analysis and machine learning capabilities to detect known as well as new security threats and incidents. The intelligent platform allows you to analyze any file for threats. An in-depth analysis of selected samples using a sandbox is available. It is also possible to integrate with Virushee using the public REST API.
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